IIn New York City, Gracious Living Is Given a Helping Hand by Valet NYC

A luxury building is distinguished by more than the expense of its materials, the quality of its carpeting, parquet, or stone flooring, the elegance of its fixtures and appointments. It is also graced by services essential to the well-managed home and the well-being of those who live there.

Comprehensive in its services, Valet NYC collaborates with concierges, property owners and managers, developers and architects in the satisfaction of those who live in luxury apartment buildings.

We understand that residents can become disenchanted by “little things”: a room that needs freshening ... a maid blind to all but surface dust ... too-frequent trips to the laundry, dry-cleaner’s, shoe-repairer’s, or the ATM machine – even those really little things, dust mites.

Valet NYC takes care of the little things, so that you have time for the big things in your life and career.

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