Dust Mites

Are You Allergy-Ridden?
Everything You Didn’t Want to Know About Dust Mites but should
Uninvited and undesirable, these sneaky guests are found in even the finest and best-managed residential buildings in our city. Do not despair. Contact us and ValetNYC will arrange to have dust mites treated safely and quickly using our safe green technology.

Q. What are dust mites?
A. Minute organisms invisible to the naked eye. A thousand could fit on the head of a pin. They feed on tiny flakes of dead skin each of us shed – mostly at night, rubbed off onto our pillows and mattresses. We don’t want to scare you, but your mattress and pillow may be home to as many as 2 million of them.

Q. Are they harmful to humans?
A. They are irritating, not only to us, but to skin, eyes and noses. Itchy eyes, sinus pain, headaches and depression could be the result of “sleeping with the enemy.” Asthma, eczema, bronchitis and even ear aches have been linked to being exposed to Dust Mites. A protective mattress cover alone will not protect you.

Q. But I am a fastidious housekeeper and obsessive when it comes to cleaning! How can I have them?
A. Doesn’t matter. You can’t vacuum dust mites up or reduce their population by washing the bed linen
or using a regular household vacuum. Our specially designed system kills and removes Dust Mites.

Q. What can I do if I suspect I’m harboring these pests?
A. Contact us immediately and ValetNYC will arrange for the elimination of these unwanted house guests. Our contracted service uses the Hygienitech® Mattress Cleaning and Sanitizing process that will not harm you, your pets, or house plants.
You will not believe the difference in how you feel after one visit from us.

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